iBR9000 Guard Tour System

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Five Year Hardware Warranty
Two Year Battery Warranty
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Item No. Description Unit Price
iBR9000SYS Complete System - iBR9000 Software including all reports, One iBR9000 with USB infrared downloader and 10 Buttons (stations) - Single User $1,170.00
TPS60SYS Complete System - TouchProbe Software including all reports, One TouchProbe with Downloader and 10 Buttons (stations) - Single User $1,215.00
iBR9000 Additional iBR9000 $445.00
TP-128 Additional TouchProbe $495.00
TMB-000 Additional 3mm (.1221 high) Station Buttons $3.00
TMB-001 5mm Buttons - for use with Key Tag or Wall Mounts $3.00
TPM-000 Black Key Ring Tabs (colors available) $2.00
TPM-001 Wall Mounting Brackets $2.00
DLM-000 Leather Holster for Carry TouchProbe $35.00
INC-000 Incident Wallet with 12 buttons $71.00
WARRANTY Five Year Hardware / 2 Year Battery Warranty **Included**
TECH SUPPORT Free Lifetime 24x7 Support **No Charge**

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